The house is equipped with a compact Fisher & Paykel Dishdrawer dishwasher. You can watch an instructional video on using the dishwasher below or by clicking here.

Or you can download the Fisher & Paykel Instruction Manual by clicking here.


The TV is only connected to an AppleTV unit. To use it, press the menu button on the apple remote control. Then turn on the TV. The AppleTv screen should display. If it doesn't, cycle through the TV inputs until it appears.

A Netflix account is already set up, please use the "Corfu" profile. Or, if you already have a Netflix account you'd like to use, feel free to enter your details in the settings area. If you do so, PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOG OUT. I can't guarantee that subsequent guests will log out of your account if you leave it logged in. 

You can also link an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to the AppleTV using AirPlay to display any content from those devices.

Instructions on using AirPlay from Apple (you can find more information here):

AirPlay photos and video from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Here's how to AirPlay photos or video from your iOS device to your Apple TV:

  1. Make sure that you're close to your Apple TV.
  2. Open the app that you want to AirPlay from.
  3. Tap . In some apps, like Photos, tap , then tap AirPlay.
  4. Select your AirPlay device. Don’t see your Apple TV? Make sure that your iOS device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV.


The flat is equipped with a combination clothes washer/drier. Instructions for its use follow below or you can download a PDF User's Manual here.



1.  Switch the machine on. The interior drum lighting will come on.

2. Select a programme

Use the - or + button to highlight the programme you wish to select and confirm your selection by pressing the OK button.

Wait until the display switches to show the menu for the programme selected.


Press the Washing/Drying button repeatedly until only the Washing indicator light is lit up.

You can alter the highlighted temperature with the - or + buttons. Press the OK button to confirm the temperature you want and move on to the spin speed.

You can then alter the highlighted spin speed, select rinse hold or without spin with the - or + buttons.

3. Load the drum
Press the Door button to open the drum door.

The load size indicator display will appear.

The display shows the amount of laundry loaded in the drum as a % (in 25% steps) of the maximum load permissible for the programme selected.

Unfold the laundry and load loosely in the drum. Mixing both large and small items gives better wash results and also helps distribute the load evenly during spinning.

[The most efficient use of energy and water is achieved when a full load is washed. However, do not overload as this causes creases and reduces cleaning efficiency.]

Shut the door with a gentle swing. 

4. Add detergent

The load size indicator display will be replaced with the detergent percentage display. 

\I/ Detergent for the pre-wash (1/4 of the total amount recommended). This compartment is also used for starch formulations when starching separately.

\II/ Detergent for the main wash including Soak

* Fabric conditioner or liquid starch

Detergent Diagram1.png

5. Close the detergent drawer.

6. Start the programme.

Press the flashing Start/Stop button. The estimated programme duration will count down in the display in one minute steps. 

7. Remove the laundry when the programme has finished.

In the anti-crease phase after the programme has finished, the word Anti-crease will flash in the display.

! Only remove laundry from the machine once the drum has stopped turning. Reaching into a moving drum is extremely dangerous and could result in injury !

! Always remove the laundry before switching the machine off. This is important to ensure that the load size indicator works correctly !



There is a drying rack in the flat which can be placed on the balcony. Please ensure that your clothes are well-clipped to the rack!

If the weather is rainy, the rack can be used in the bathroom. In the event that you wish to use the drier function, please follow the instructions below, or a PDF version of the manufacturer's Instruction Manual can be downloaded here.

1. Switch the machine on. The interior drum lighting will come on.

2. Select a programme.  Turn the selector to the drying programme you require. The programme selected will appear in the display. 

The Washing indicator light must not be lit up as this would mean that the corresponding washing programme would begin before the drying process.

3. Load the drum. Open the drum door. Load the laundry loosely into the drum. Close the drum door. 

! Make sure that no garments are caught between the drum door and seal !  

4. Start the programme. Press the flashing Start/Stop button.

The estimated programme duration will appear in the display. The electronics continually assess the residual moisture content of the laundry. Because of this the time displayed can alter during the course of a programme. The time remaining will count down in one minute steps. 

5. Remove the laundry when the programme has finished. Turn the programme selector to the Stop position. Open the drum door.  Remove the laundry. 

! Always remove the laundry before switching the machine off. This is important to ensure that the load size indicator works correctly the next time the machine is used !

6. Switch off the machine.


If the water pressure is low (as sometimes occurs in Corfu Town in the summer) you can switch on the pressure pump. It is located in the closet behind the refrigerator. Simply turn on the switch on the pump. Please note that it can be quite loud. It's great for a quick hot shower, but should be switched off afterwards.


Unfortunately Corfu Town and indeed, the whole island of Corfu, is going through a trash crisis. The landfill is full and an adequate alternate solution has not been found. If you are on a short stay, the cleaning service will take the trash after you check out. If you are on a longer stay, there are municipal trash bins down the alley if you turn left out of the main lobby door.

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